Second Public Auction,

(postponed until further notice)

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Auction will take place on a date to be announced, at the Holland House Beach Hotel, Front Street # 34, Philipsburg, Sint Maarten, Ms. Faride Tjon Ajong, civil law notary in Sint Maarten, or her deputy, shall proceed with the public sale of :



I. the right of long lease until October 7th, 2079, on a complex of land, having a total area of 2635 m˛, situated at Front Street in the district of Philipsburg in Sint Maarten, which complex comprises of two parcels of leasehold land, to wit:
A) a leasehold parcel of land with an area of 2.320m˛, further described in rooibrief number 030 of nineteen hundred fifty- six (SXM PB 030/1956); and,
B) a leasehold parcel of land with an area of 315m˛, further described in certificate of admeasurement¬ number 186 of two thousand four (SXM PB 186/2004); and,
II. the right of superficies (in Dutch: "het recht van opstal") on the sub I. described parcels of leasehold land;

Locally known as Front Street # 11, Philipsburg, Sint Maarten

Reserve price: US$ 7,150,000.00

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Offers in writing can be made for purchasing properties auctioned ex article 3:268 paragraph 2 of the Civil Code. A bid form to that effect can be downloaded from our website or acquired at our office. Such offer can be made to the aforementioned civil law notary up to and including April 21st, 2020 the latest at 16:00 hrs (4pm). Any offer not accepted before April 28th, 2020, is deemed to be declined.

Seller has the right to change the Reserve Price before the auction and to postpone or stop the auction at any time.

The auction will take place by raising bids (in Dutch: "bij opbod") and by decreasing bids (in Dutch: “bij afmijning”), in one session. Seller has the right to not accept any bid, at its sole discretion.

The General Conditions of Auction and special conditions of auction are applicable. Contact our office for a copy. All auction costs are for the account of the buyer, which may include outstanding groundrent ("erfpachtcanon"). Check with Tjon Ajong & Associates for the estimated notarial costs.

Each bidder must identify himself with a valid passport or a National identification card. Legal entities have to submit recent original extract of the Chamber of Commerce and current articles of association.

The successful bidder must submit a bank-guarantee,issued by a bank which is supervised by either i) the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten, or ii)  De Nederlandsche Bank ("the Dutch Central Bank"), and acceptable by the seller, to the amount of the highest bid augmented by the auction costs.

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*descriptions are based on available evaluation reports, some items have not been inspected inside, and the given information might therefore not be accurate.

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Location maps and Google Maps links are not always exact, please check on location for correct auction Item.
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